15 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers’ Broken Collarbone & Green Bay Packers Tears

15 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers’ Broken Collarbone & Green Bay Packers Tears

A-Aaron Meme

A player getting injured isn’t funny. But comedians, even those who communicate through memes, find humor in tragedy, such is the story of Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone, and the Green Bay Packers losing him for the season.

Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings hit him hard and took him out. Rodgers already had a similar injury in 2013 and managed to come back in time for the Packers to make the playoffs. But this time it might be more serious, and by the way Brett Hundley looked after coming on (18-of-33 for 157 yards, 1TD, 3INT), he won’t be the one to make Packer fans forget about Rodgers.

But maybe there’s hope, if they can get the defense to work. The Minnesota Vikings are doing quite well without a quarterback that anyone else in the NFL wants, Case Keenum.

Who knows, just as he’s suing the NFL owners for collusion against him, Colin Kaepernick might have a door open for him to get back into the league, if he actually wants that anymore. There’s also the chance of Tony Romo leaving the booth he’s doing so well in and giving this NFL quarterback thing one last shot. If not, there are always Brett Favre and Johnny Manziel waiting for a call.

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