19 Best Memes of Miami Kicking the Stuffing Out of Notre Dame

19 Best Memes of Miami Kicking the Stuffing Out of Notre Dame

Sprinling Mark Richt

The revival of Catholics vs Convicts was more one sided than anyone thought, as #7 Miami crushed #3 Notre Dame with no two ways about it, so the memes had to be harsh with the Fighting Irish.

How bad was it for the visitors from South Bend? Miami won 41-8, and Notre Dame got on the scoreboard with only 12 seconds remaining in the third quarter. The turnover chain with the big U switched necks, as Miami forced four turnovers. The U is back, and Miami are undefeated after 9 games. The Irish? At 8-2 and without a conference to try and win, they’re out of the playoffs picture.

With everyone reminded of the jolly late 80’s and early 90’s, when a Miami-Notre Dame symbolized a big culture clash, the national attention was on the Hurricanes for the first time in quite a while, and certainly for the first time in the Mark Richt era. This will be their first 10-win season (probably) since 2003. Larry Coker, the coach then, was also the last coach to lead Miami to the national championship, two years earlier.

As for Notre Dame? Another loss in a big game (lost at home to Georgia earlier this season) will raise the usual doubts regarding Kelly, despite his record proving he is the best thing the Irish have had in a very long time. For both schools, the big news would be this catholics vs convicts thing becoming more than a once-in-25-years gimmick. It would mean a lot for College Football.

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