15 Best Memes of Alabama Choking Against Auburn

15 Best Memes of Alabama Choking Against Auburn

Nick Saban Crying Jordan

There was a feeling in the air that Alabama was losing momentum heading into the Iron Bowl, and it turned into more than just a hunch. Auburn beat the Crimson Tide for the first time this season, launching plenty of memes, and changing the fate of the SEC.

Does this mean Alabama are out of the playoff picture? Not quite. Ohio State didn’t win the conference championship; didn’t even play for it, but still made it in last season. Depending on the combination of results, the Tide might still get in. But they played a weak schedule, and if this is what it takes so SEC teams stop playing FCS teams in the middle of the season, why not.

Auburn did what they did in 2013, only in less dramatic fashion. Then it was one of the most improbable plays anyone could think of. This time, it was simply a super strong team beating a #1 for the second time this season. Dominating every aspect on the field, and shutting down the Alabama running game.

So now it comes down to Nick Saban doing some politicking and hoping that fate smiles upon his team from other results. For now, it looks like we might have our first College Football Playoff without Alabama.

Wake Up Alabama

Crying Elephant

Crying Saban

Crying Bama Tattoo

Bama Fans Be Like

Alabama Choking

This Finna be a Breeze

Row Todd

Crying Alabama

Alabama A Logo Crying Jordan

Crying Crimson Tide Player

Asking for Cam Newton

Crying Saban Statue

Roll Tide L Package

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