10 Best Memes of Giancarlo Stanton Traded to the New York Yankees

10 Best Memes of Giancarlo Stanton Traded to the New York Yankees

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It wasn’t surprising that the New York Yankees ended up with Giancarlo Stanton, but it didn’t stop people from making memes about it, including the role Derek Jeter had to play in the trade.

The Marlins tried to trade Stanton to the Cardinals and Giants, but Stanton, who has a no-trade clause and veto rise in his massive contract, turned down the deals. So the Marlins, stuck with a contract they can’t afford attached to a player who can leave by 2020, decided they’re gone swallow a bitter pill and take a trade that’s not as good, but at least gives them something: The Yankees.

Obviously, people are trying to make it look like Jeter is working for the Yankees. But he didn’t have a choice. Teams with the Marlins funds, or lack of them, shouldn’t hand contracts like the one Stanton has, and then expect to trade him for dollar per dollar. And Jeter did try to move him to NL teams offering better packages.

For the Yankees, this means a fearsome home run tandem of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, without mentioning the other names in the lineup. It’s too soon to tell exactly, but the Yankees might be entering 2018 as favorites to win it all, something they haven’t been seen as for a long time.

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