5 Best Memes of Chris Paul & the Rockets Trying to Fight the Clippers

5 Best Memes of Chris Paul & the Rockets Trying to Fight the Clippers

Austin Rivers Black Eye

Who knew the best thing out of Chris Paul coming back with the Houston Rockets to play the Los Angeles Clippers would be an almost-fight between players and some hilarious memes?

Paul was traded by the Clippers, and the relationship between himself and the organization as well as his former teammates wasn’t very good by the end of it all; some would call it fractured. He had his heated moments with Blake Griffin during the game, but turns out that Austin Rivers, who wasn’t even playing, sent Paul and other Rockets players over the edge.

As the reports suggest, Paul led Gerald Green, Trevor Ariza and James Harden through a secret passage to the Clippers locker room in hope of confronting Rivers and Griffin. Ariza and Paul got pushed out of the room, and security soon dealt with it without any blows being thrown. As some Clippers players put it: Classic NBA. None of these guys were actually going to fight.

But the suspensions Adam Silver is going to deal are probably going to happen, unlike the fight Paul supposedly wanted.

Chris Paul Secret Tunnel Chris Paul Sneaking Doc Rivers hearing about his son C Paul Twins

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