16 Best Memes of Blake Griffin Traded by the Clippers to the Detroit Pistons

16 Best Memes of Blake Griffin Traded by the Clippers to the Detroit Pistons

Cold weather

While the trade of Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons won’t change much for these teams, memes couldn’t stop making fun of the switch between two opposite cities as well as Griffin’s LA-based girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.

Griffin had to wait for Chris Paul for the Clippers to become a good team, but he was the one who made them interesting. A 1st overall draft pick in 2009 who sat out a year with an injury and became an instant highlight machine the moment he stepped on the court. He has evolved as a player in 8 seasons, but has also developed a knack for picking up injuries, not to mention punching staffers.

But the big thing about this is the change in lifestyle. Griffin, who is from Oklahoma, loves Los Angeles. Now, with quite a few years left on his deal, he’s moving to a city that has a huge PR problem, not to mention is cold a lot of time, especially compared to the Southern California coast.

As far as basketball goes, this is a step towards the Clippers finally beginning to tank. The Pistons? Perhaps a wild card move, something similar to the Pelicans creating a twin tower lineup (which unfortunately isn’t going to work). It might be good for a while, but this isn’t going to raise them from mediocrity.

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