8 Best Memes Mocking LeBron, Cavs & Warriors

8 Best Memes Mocking LeBron, Cavs & Warriors

Kevin Durant Nightmare

Meme makers were happy to see two #1 seeds lose on the same night. Yes, the Golden State Warriors got crushed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Boston Celtics lost to the Toronto Raptors. Meanwhile, LeBron James experienced another humiliation as the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped a huge lead and lost to the Orlando Magic.

Where do we begin? With teams that are relevant, which means the Warriors. Paul George and Russell Westbrook put on quite a show in Golden State. While the Thunder have struggled since Andre Roberson’s injury, their length and energy proved to be a problem for the Warriors once again this season. It doesn’t mean anything for the playoffs, but the defending NBA champions are showing worrying signs from time to time, and maybe a repeat doesn’t seem like a lock anymore.

For the Cavs, it was another hellish night in a season that’s quickly turning into a massive disaster. They scored only 9 points in the fourth quarter and dropped a 21-point lead before losing by 18. We’re hearing talks about trades but mostly about the locker room being a mess, and the relationship between James and the team hitting rock bottom. We thought this season would be his final push to win a championship with the Cavs before leaving. Turns out it might be him clocking out early and giving up on the season and the team before leaving anyway.

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