14 Best Memes of UMBC Humiliating Virginia in the NCAA Tournament

14 Best Memes of UMBC Humiliating Virginia in the NCAA Tournament

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Sometimes, meme makers have it easy – something historic happens, like UMBC beating Virginia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. What’s the big deal? One team was the ACC champion, AP #1 and #1 seed. The other a lowly #16 seed. It has never happened before.

The Cavaliers, one of the best regular season teams in college basketball over the last 5 years, always underperform in the tournament. Whether it’s Tony Bennett and his basketball philosophy not working when things go poorly during the game, or just a case of not having superstars who can pull the wagon out of the mud, this will be another year of terrific pre-March results, only this time screwing up in a way no one will ever forget.

For the Retrievers out of Maryland this is going to help bring in people to Baltimore. Small schools who suddenly show up on the map thanks to sports tend to get a surge in enrollment and demand very quickly. It’s only their second NCAA tournament appearance, and their first tournament win.

Are we seeing a true Cinderella born, or was this just an amazing one time thing. Soon enough, we’ll find out, but perhaps the one stretch 4, four guard lineup is something other teams will find difficult to handle as well.

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