Golden State Warriors – Draymond Green Hates Boring Summers

Golden State Warriors – Draymond Green Hates Boring Summers

The “bad yet talented” guy of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, Draymond Green, likes keeping things interesting during the summer. Whether it’s getting into fights back home in Michigan, or getting fellow NBA players to try and beat him up at prestigious awards after party. 

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Two years ago, coming off that loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, Green got into an altercation with a Michigan State football player (was already cut from the team by that point) during two consecutive nights, allegedly choking Jermaine Edmondson and his girlfriend and a night later, upon meeting Edmondson again, hitting him. 

Green was arrested by the East Lansing police, was tested to be a bit more than drunk, admitted to slapping Edmondson and ended up posting $200 bail before being released, about 4 hours after the incident.

This year? The backstory goes back to the 2018 Finals. At the end of Game 1, right after Tristan Thompson got ejected as the Cavs began falling apart, unable to cope with J.R. Smith’s stupidity, Green did his famous “clap-in-your-face” routine to Thompson, who didn’t hold back. At the end of the series, in which the Warriors swept the Cavaliers, Thompson went over to Green to congratulate him, but Green refused to shake his hand. As per tradition, in the parade and celebrations a few days later, Green was drunk, and trash talked Thompson for everyone to see.

Fast forward to July and the ESPYs, or more accurate, the after party. Both players were in attendance. No phones were allowed, so it’s all about rumors. The first news that broke out mentioned Thompson sucker punching Green, who came over to apologize to Thompson for everything he said in the previous months. But more info came out in the next two days. The most interesting part? Green was busy bothering Thompson all through the evening until the Cavs player had enough, either hitting or shoving Green, before, again according to rumors, LeBron James and Kevin Durant jumped in to break things up.

Nope. This summer, once again, wasn’t boring for Green.

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