Liverpool vs Everton: Divock Origi, Jordan Pickford & the Weirdest Goal of the Year

Liverpool vs Everton: Divock Origi, Jordan Pickford & the Weirdest Goal of the Year

FIFA don’t award weird goals, but if they would, Divock Origi scoring a 95th minute winner against Everton due to a Jordan Pickford mistake and saving Liverpool from a disastrous 0-0 draw would definitely win it.

All talks of tactics, missed chances, referee controversial calls, Richarlison diving, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah wastefulness, or anything else related to this match, simply doesn’t have a place to exist next to Origi’s goal.

A desperation shot by Virgil van Dijk and a bad one at that, which instead of going over Pickford’s goal and becoming a goal kick which would result in the final whistle being blow, ended up bouncing on the crossbar due to Pickford’s touch, and landing at Origi’s feet, or more accurately his head.

Origi entered the match in the 84th minute for Roberto Firmino, a rare appearance for the former wonderkid, turned fringe striker. He made an immediate impact with a cross that almost connected with Mane, and then almost scored from another unusual development in the box.

But the minutes ticked by, Liverpool’s window (in the match and the season) was closing, and it seemed it would be another draw for Jurgen Klopp in a big match this season.

But poor decision making by Pickford combined with Origi being in the right place in the right time made the difference. It keeps Liverpool on Manchester City’s heels despite a poor performance, and perhaps gives Klopp plenty to think about in regards to his lineups and rotations. 

As far as Merseyside dominance is concerned, nothing changes – Everton remain winless in the fixture since 2010, unable to win the last 18 derbies. At Anfield they haven’t won since 1999, making it 21 visits without a victory. On a more positive note for both sides, what was once the most fiery clash in the Premier League has now gone 6 consecutive fixtures without a send off. Not sure Everton will be consoled by that.

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