17 Best Memes of Cody Parkey & the Chicago Bears Choking Against the Philadelphia Eagles

17 Best Memes of Cody Parkey & the Chicago Bears Choking Against the Philadelphia Eagles

Cody Parkey Sandra Bullock Meme

When a kicker misses a potential game winning field goal in the playoffs, you’re guaranteed to see the memes focusing on him. So the Chicago Bears lost, the Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles pulled off another memorable postseason performance, and Cody Parkey has now etched his name in history, only in the wrong kind of way.

With less than 10 seconds to go, and the Bears trailing by 1 point, Parkey (3-for-3 at that point) stepped up to take a 43-yard field goal. Someone from the Eagles managed to tip it slightly. Either way, Parkey’s kick hit the goal posts twice before dropping to the ground in Soldier Field, realizing the Bears first playoff game in almost a decade ends in a loss.

The Eagles and Foles weren’t great, but Foles did connect with Golden Tate (0:56 remaining in the fourth) to put the Eagles up by 1 point for good. Philadelphia held Mitch Trubisky to just one touchdown, while the offensive line managed to contain Khalil Mack and one of the most feared defensive units in the league.

While the Bears go into the offseason believing they have what it takes to make an impact in the NFC and NFL for years to come, the Eagles, despite needing the Bears help in Week 17 to get into the playoffs, are the ones who advance, heading to New Orleans to face the Saints.

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