Premier League Title Race: Liverpool vs Manchester City, What Remains

Premier League Title Race: Liverpool vs Manchester City, What Remains

The race continues. A day after Manchester City didn’t impress yet still cruised to victory against Fulham, Liverpool needed a little bit of Anfield magic to get them by an equally good Tottenham side, which means the two teams are still neck and neck for the Premier League title.

League Table

Still 1st: Liverpool. 32 matches, 79 points, +53 goals difference.

2nd: Manchester City. 31 matches, 77 points, +60 goal difference.

Matches Left to Play (League Only)

Liverpool: Southampton (A), Chelsea (H), Cardiff (A), Huddersfield (H), Newcastle (A), Wolves (H).

Manchester City: Cardiff (H), Crystal Palace (A), Tottenham (H), Manchester United (A), Burnley (A), Leicester (H), Brighton (A).

It’s worth noting that both teams have Champions League matches to juggle as well: Liverpool against Porto, Manchester City facing Tottenham, which means 3 matches vs Spurs in 12 days. Man City also have the FA Cup Semi Final vs Brighton, as their quadruple dream remains intact.

Who has the more difficult schedule? At this point, it doesn’t matter. Most would say City, but they are also probably the stronger team, with the deeper squad, and Liverpool have lost points against inferior opponents on paper.

One could look at each team’s matches against these rivals earlier in the season:

Liverpool: 5 wins, 1 draw. 16 out of 18 points, 88.9%

Manchester City: 5 wins, 2 losses. 15 out of 21 points, 71.4%

Make of it what you will. Let’s hope this title race leaves us on the edge of our seats until and including the final day of the season.

Salah goal vs Tottenham
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