15 Best Premier League Fantasy Football Tips & Tools

15 Best Premier League Fantasy Football Tips & Tools

Whether you’re doing it for fun or playing dead serious, knowing about the best Premier League Fantasy Football tips & tools can give you a serious edge before each game week. A lot of new fantasy players just aren’t aware of the most useful fantasy football tools. Getting a good grasp of them helps some fantasy managers win their mini-leagues year after year. 

Keep reading to get acquainted with the information hubs that might be the difference between a successful manager and a struggling one.

1. Price Change Predictor

Staying ahead of your competitors often means buying low and selling high. To keep up with the Premier League Fantasy Football players’ price changes, use FPL Statistics for Fantasy Managers, offering a handy price change predictor, along with the always important number of just how many other managers own this specific player.

In general, price changes occur around midnight UK time. Stay in-tune with the changes to know when to buy or sell a player on time. Building your team value is an important strategy a lot of good fantasy players are following. It helps you to get better players for less in your team over time.

For example, let’s say we noticed in FPL Statistics that a player we own and currently costs 6.5m is going drop to 6.4m. At the same time, a player on our watchlist is going to rise from 6.5m to 6.6m. By switching the two before midnight, you can dodge the price decrease and gain the price increase, saving 0.2m in team value! In the long term, that’s meaningful.

2. See Your Real-Time Rankings

Sometimes you just have to know where you rank as an FPL manager and cannot wait for the main Fantasy football site to update its point totals and rankings. That’s where LiveFPL comes in, giving you insight on exactly where you stand after every goal, assist and unfortunately, also yellow cards, send-offs, and missed penalties. You can also monitor your competition live, and see how well they’re doing as the game week progresses.  

3. Keep Up With Bonus Points

One of Premier League Fantasy Football’s mysteries is the bonus point system (BPS). If you’ve already figured it out, it’s nice knowing where you stand during the match and not just after it. So that’s what the Live FPL Bonus Points and Game Stats site is for. Keep an eye on players who are BPS gods.

For example, one of Sportige’s favorites last season was  Aaron Wan-Bissaka. A player which cost only 4m and got 18 BPS throughout the season. The BPS isn’t calculated by goals and assists alone. This great FPL BPS tool will help you see the rest of the determining factors: big chances created, clearances, blocks,  interceptions, key passes, tackles, passes completed and more. All are important factors in calculating the bonus point total for each player. 

4. Official Fantasy Premier League Site

It might not sound like something an expert would do, but everyone uses the statistics on the official Fantasy site. Obviously, you can always decide to dig deeper into the analytical side to improve your game, but you can find pretty useful information and stats without having to search the furthest corners of the Internet. Who knows, it might give you an idea or two for potential transfers and future subs. 

5. Better FPL Chrome Add-On

A super useful tool to enhance what you get out of the official Fantasy site, this add-on provides an expanded league view, fixture difficulty and a few more tidbits that are worth checking out. 

6. Transfer Suggestion

So you’ve decided to transfer out a player and bring someone new in? If you don’t feel like putting in the time & hard work of research, the FPL Transfer Suggester add-on will do all the heavy lifting for you.

7. Fixture Difficulty Ratings

One of the most important Premier League Fantasy Football tips involves gauging which match is a fertile ground for points and which are landmines to stay away from. This section on FPL Analytics will give you a solid, colorful view of where you should look for points and which fixtures to avoid. 

8. In-Team Point Distribution

Mohamed Salah
Via FPL Facebook Page | Mohamed Salah, the king of Premier League Fantasy Football the last 2 seasons

A neat tool that’s more about the visuals and perhaps less about the substance is FPL Analytics’ points distribution map, giving you a good indication of just how to spread out the points are among the Premier League teams and see very clearly which sides rely heavily on one star to get the points. 

9. Player Points Forecasts

No one is clairvoyant, and no site knows the future. But relying on statistics and info is a good way to predict what’s going to happen. Which makes this tool by Fantasy Overlord very useful to any Fantasy manager, whether a beginner or a seasoned expert.

10. Team History Visualizer

As the title suggests, get a sleek visualization of your team’s history via Visual FPL. As far as Premier League Fantasy Football tips go, this might be the most visually appealing.

11. Your Team’s Stats

Another site that focuses on your team, the FPL Guru provides useful insight about your rankings history, possible points as well as information about the leagues you’re participating in.

Final Premier League Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy Premier League Logo
Via FPL Facebook page

12. Keep your eye on the deadline! It happens to everyone at one point or another – you forget there’s a midweek gameweek coming up and don’t make the necessary changes. The Friday fixture that comes once in a while is especially tricky, kicking off the gameweek a day earlier. Follow the news, or at least pay attention to the notifications from the Fantasy app or your email. Be extra cautious during Christmas time when there are double gameweeks as well. 

13. Premier League Fantasy Football on Reddit: A terrific hub for discussions, banter, statistics, information, breaking news, and advice. Just go to https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyPL/ and immerse yourself in a fun, friendly and super helpful forum for everything fantasy. This is by far the best community for FPL managers. Sometimes you can even get some lineup leaks, notifying you which players might miss the game and more useful information that will help you win your mini-league.  

14. Use your chips later rather than now: Don’t be trigger-happy when it comes to pulling off a Triple Captain or bench boost, as tempting as it might be. Double gameweeks come later in the season, and it’s worth practicing patience and playing the long game. As the FA Cup matches roll in, some teams might have Blank gameweeks, meaning you might have players that won’t play in a certain week. Top FPL players will always save their chips to later on in the season.

15. Unless you’re using the wildcard: There’s no exact science on when exactly to use your wildcard and change your team from top to bottom, but if you feel that your initial picks just weren’t good enough; that you can’t seem to make your way out of a poor lineup; it’s better to push the wildcard button and set yourself up for a comeback, instead of sticking to your guns and watch someone run away with your league. A lot of players are planning their season with planning to use their first wildcard during the first international break; others simply use it when they need to.  

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