Liverpool Crushing (Again) And Maxi Rodriguez Hat Tricking (Again)

Lets begin with the fact that Fulham’s defending yesterday was of the poorest quality, if someone can even mention quality with that pathetic display. Still, scoring two hat tricks in less than 3 weeks by Maxi Rodriguez stood out just a bit more.

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It’s amazing to think that this is the same team that under Roy Hodgson seemed heading for some sort of relegation battles and were absolutely dead spirit-wise on the pitch. The hope, the FUN (something absolutely forgotten at Anfield for over a year), the joy of play – all have made Liverpool the best show in the Premier League these days. Yeah, they’re only battling for 5th in the Premier League with Tottenham, not the shiniest of prizes, but they’re better than any team right now in the league, at least by the way they’re playing, even than those above them in the table.

On the pitch, it’s a delight to watch Luis Suarez. Almost everything good comes from his constant off the ball movement, his speed and just the fear from him. His numbers, four goals and three assists so far, don’t tell half the story of how vital he is to Liverpool on the pitch. He commands so much focus and attention that it creates chances and space for Dirk Kuyt, Maxi Rodriguez and Raul Meireles.

Overall, a lot because of Dalglish and the fact Liverpool have beaten Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and drawn with Arsenal in that mad mad game since Dalglish arrived, there’s this sense that the summer is going to be big – meaning next season is going to be big. Nineteen kind of big. Too soon, or realistic hopes?

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