9 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes Getting Injured

9 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes Getting Injured

Mahomes Madden Curse 2

Now that the Mahomes injury has turned out to be far less severe than initially thought, it’s a bit more OK for memes and jokes about the whole Kansas City Chiefs situation to surface.

Mahomes’ knee injury will put him out for 3 weeks. Obviously, the Chiefs prefer it was 0 weeks, but after the concern it could be season ending, 3 weeks, more or less until the midway point of the season or just after, it’s something a team with lofty aspirations can live with.

Andy Reid Food Menu

It’ll be interesting to see once Mahomes arrives whether we see some different play calling from Andy Reid. A quarterback sneak isn’t something risky – Mahomes’ injury was more a fluke than anything else – but he was already banged up from other plays, other games.

The Chiefs’ margin of error isn’t great. Catching up with the New England Patriots for home field advantage in the AFC seems impossible. Having to play another road game in the playoffs, this season with the defense the way it is, isn’t something the Chiefs are looking forward to.

Patrick Mahomes Forrest Gump
Tom Brady Thanos

The longevity of Tom Brady is truly something that’s hard to believe is real.

Worried about Mahomes
Mahomes Disappointed in Andy Reid

I doubt Mahomes is actually mad at Reid, but it’s funny to think so.

Mahomes Kermit
Mahomes Madden Curse

While most of this post is speculation and good fun, the Madden curse is proven science.

Chiefs fans don't want to go on anymore

Meme images via NFL memes on FB

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