14 Best Memes of the Washington Nationals Winning the World Series

14 Best Memes of the Washington Nationals Winning the World Series

Drake Curse Astros

Another one bites the dust. The Washington Nationals are finally World Series champions, but the memes focused on making fun of Bryce Harper.

That’s the nature of sports fandom in this day and age. Don’t celebrate your own achievement; instead, mock the losers, or someone related to it. The Houston Astros do take a few shots, but Harper, who now plays for division rivals the Philadelphia Phillies.

And the Astros? Favored to win their second World Series in three years, they ended up losing all four home games, including the clinching game 7. As one of the memes suggests – they almost had the Nats. They came back from 0-2 down and took over the series. Zack Greinke pitched well in game 7. But things still fell apart. Maybe it was written in the stars.

The Nationals end a long period of almost for them. Multiple playoff performances, dominant regular seasons, but nothing to show for it. Until now.

Same thing
Harper misses Walgreens
Harper fixed Jersey

Nationals fans really felt like this World Series is something of their own revenge against Bryce Harper.

Could have should have would have
Losing to Walgreens
Mission Accomplished
Bullpen ruined Zack Greinke

It’s been a weird, convoluted series. The twists never stopped coming.

Dodgers Fans Trying to Smile
Hello Darkness
Bryce Harper Sad Emoji
Bryce Harper Right Now

I do wonder what Bryce Harper is thinking right now. Not sure the Nationals win with him on the team.

I almost had you
Astros Crying Jordan

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