15 Best Memes of Myles Garrett Hitting Mason Rudolph With a Helmet

15 Best Memes of Myles Garrett Hitting Mason Rudolph With a Helmet

Mason Rudolph Smashed Head

Rivalries in the AFC North can get testy sometimes, but the abundance of memes about Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with a helmet suggest this Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland Browns encounter was different.

No one remembers that the Browns won. That’s true. Everyone remembers from this game is the fight that ignited between the quarterback and defensive end, with Rudolph trying to take Garrett’s helmet off, then Garrett actually taking Rudolph’s helmet off, swinging it at him, hitting him with the helmet and the brawl that followed.

Even Baker Mayfield, interviewed by Erin Andrews after the game, said his teammate went too far. It really doesn’t matter that Rudolph might have started the whole thing. Garret, who really isn’t someone prone to letting things get out of hand on the field, really took it way too far.

What now? Suspensions, obviously. Garrett will be out for a while, maybe the entire season if the league yields to the populist call. Rudolph and other members from both teams will be punished too. It’ll be easy to forget that Cleveland have won 2 in a row, are 4-6, and have beaten the Ravens & Steelers in the same season for the first time ever.

You can't fight back
Jerry Jones Waiting

Unlikely that the Browns cut Garrett, but who knows?

That's me Mason
Browns Locker Room
Myles Garrett Wiki Page

Garrett did apologize after the game, but it’s not going to help once the NFL decides how to punish him.

Mason Rudolph Head
Garrett Rudolph Whack
Colin Kaepernick Meme

Is Kaepernick actually coming back?

Photoshopped Meme
Myles Garrett Prison
I'm in Danger
Mason Rudolph Started It

Even if he did sorta start it, the big offender in all of this is Garrett, who’ll receive the biggest punishment.

It was your helmet
Breakdown of the Garrett Rudolph Fight
Garrett Rudolph UFC

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