White Sox Signs $73 Million Contract with Yasmani Grandal

White Sox Signs $73 Million Contract with Yasmani Grandal

Contract with Yasmani Grandal
Picture via Yasmani Grandal’s Instagram page

News is in that Chicago White Sox has signed a four-year contract with Yasmani Grandal, for a whopping $73 million. Getting Yasmani Grandal to play for White Sox is a significant upgrade for the team. Yasmani will rake in $18.25 million every year starting from 2020, until 2023. In Sox’s entire history, Yasmani is the highest paid player, and the decision seems to have been made after careful deliberation.

Contract with Yasmani Grandal will prove to be advantageous for White Sox

Yasmani previously played for the Milwaukee Brewers, to whom he just shared a thank you note on Instagram. One of the most well-renowned catcher of his time, 31-year old Grandal has had multiple career highs. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Grandal is the uncrowned king of catchers. Rick Hahn, the GM of Chicago White Sox, shared his happiness about signing the deal with Yasmani. Incidentally, he expressed contentment and noticeable excitement at Yasmani joining the lineup.

Fans will remember his short stint at controversy, when he tested positive for high testosterone level in 2012. He was suspended for 50 games, which he dutifully concurred. Many players like Yasmani tested positive for high levels of testosterone after consuming performance-enhancement products manufactured by Biogenesis of America.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that White Sox can now expect some tough time for its rival teams, who will have to play catch up with catcher Yasmani.

A career marked by trading and big payouts

Yasmani started his career with the Cincinnati Reds, a contract which he had bagged for $3.2 million. Much later, Cincinnati traded him to San Diego Padres in 2012. In 2015, Los Angeles got to taste sweet success when he was traded again for a sum of $32 million all in cash. He joined Milwaukee Brewers on the 14th of January, 2019. In less than a year, White Sox was able to get him on its roster.  Only time will reveal how long he continue to catch for White Sox. Meanwhile, fans and well-wishers continue to pour best wishes and luck to Yasmani Grandal on his Instagram page.

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