Aaron Rodgers’ Worst Game of the Season in San Francisco

Aaron Rodgers’ Worst Game of the Season in San Francisco

Aaron Rodgers had one of his worst-ever performances tonight in San Francisco. Green Bay’s quarterback was harassed by the 49ers’ defense all night. Eventually, the hosts won this one with 37-8, keeping the top spot in the NFC.

Rodgers’ Bad Stats

The two-time MVP had just 104 yards in this match, completing 20 of 33 passing attempts, and posting one touchdown. Packs’ head coach Matt LaFleur decided to pull him out in the final quarter when the result was already decided. It appears that California isn’t suiting well for one of the best teams in the league. Against the Rams in Weeks 9, Green Bay couldn’t score any points and was held to 50 yards on offense. Tonight, the guests also didn’t score and were restrained to 60 yards.

While he was on the field, Rodgers posted 1.7 yards per pass play, which one of his poorest performances since he took over the job of a starting quarterback in Green Bay.

He fumbled the football on the opening drive, which was later recovered by Nick Bosa. Throughout the entire event, Green Bay didn’t have a third-dow completion, which is something that didn’t happen in a while. Rodgers’ 104 yards were the second-fewest in the NFL this season, for a quarterback who had 30 or more passes in the same game.

Green Bay’s Playoff Future

The good thing for the Packers who are competing with Minnesota Vikings for the No.1 place in the NFC North is that they have two easy games coming up. The first one is against the Giants in New York. It is something that shouldn’t be a problem for LaFleur’s guys. After that, Lambeau Field will host the Washington Redskins, who are probably the weakest team in the entire league. So, with these two wins, the Pack should find a solid rhythm before the finish of the season. At the moment, they have nice prospects of entering the playoffs for the first time after two years.

What will possibly be the crucial match of the season for Green Bay is against the Vikings in Week 16. They will travel to Minneapolis to face their biggest rivals for the NFC North spot.

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