13 Best Memes of the San Francisco 49ers Destroying the Green Bay Packers

13 Best Memes of the San Francisco 49ers Destroying the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers had it coming, especially with Aaron Rodgers just not being in his form. In fact, this particular game is already being touted by news sources as one of his worst performances ever. The evidence of that can be seen in the Best Memes of the San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco 49ers’ defense coordinator Robert Saleh didn’t let Aaron breathe even for a bit. Even the numbers are quite shocking, with the game ending in a 37-8 close.

Though Green Bay Packers are one of the best teams in the league, it simply couldn’t stand the California Sun. It was quite surprising even for the most die-hard SF 49er fans to acknowledge that Aaron could play so badly, though it certainly made them happy to see their side win.

Below you can find 13 hilarious Memes of the San Francisco 49ers destroying The Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers probably would be laying down his hat (or helmet), and just say

The defense was superbly constructed, and deserved all the praise one could give them.

Hilarious, yes. But also quite embarrassing.

Although, one might say that Aaron couldn’t really have done much against such a massive defense.

We are not quite sure, but ok.

Again, the mayhem came from the defense. And he was destroyed before he knew it.

SF gave a beating so hard, that probably the audience begged them to stop

Who could have imagined that the mammoth that Aaron is, would fall like this?

We bet Rodgers and his team certainly got whooped!

Pathetic show maybe, but funny nonetheless!

Just a moment’s break, please!

No, those who lose get no breaks. Not even a small one!

With the kind of losing that the Packers packed in, insurance companies would flee

Certainly not with the kind of beating that a team like Packers received last night.

When you don’t enjoy getting spanked, but still do.

funny niners beat the packers meme

Aaron certainly didn’t want to be spanked last night.

The things we say to feel better

It’s gonna be a long week for Green Bay Packers fans.

Where are the Packers’ fans?

They must all be drowning their sorrows in a tavern.

Not a good look look, is it?

When the grating gets real

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