8 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Choking Against the New England Patriots

8 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Choking Against the New England Patriots

These following Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys prove that they had a tough time on the field and outside of it, after losing to the New England Patriots. The loss was quite a hit for the team and their fans, with Dallas Cowboys losing the game, 13-9. The Cowboys were a motivated lot initially but just couldn’t match the winning streak of the New England Patriots. Naturally, the NFL game was filled with some meme-worthy moments and here are the best of them. 

We have made a list of the best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys losing to the New England Patriots.

All one needs is some support

Tom Brady smiling

Are the refs helping Tom Brady and the new England patriots? We definitely think so!

When the star needs some appeasing

The Cowboys were decimated by two tripping calls eventually, and the social media can’t stop talking about it.

When you know who the top dog is

When you lose a game like he did, all you can think of is that the strongest man is your daddy!

Sometimes, the truth in front of you can be hard

We know, the struggle is real. But for the winning team, it’s champagne time.

When circumstances force you to leave

The old westerns would probably put poster like this if this game happened a century ago in some sheriff’s town.

Anything but that NFL question!

When losing takes a hit on your self-concept so hard, that you start questioning many things.

A picture of despair right on field

Drowning oneself in sweet Southern cognac can feel therapeutic at times like this. Or should it be a large swig of Tennessee?

What would Siri say?

Siri will probably be smug about it and say something curt shut one up.

Certainly, the game didn’t go too well for the Dallas Cowboys. however, that doesn’t mean it is the end, and there is always more games to be won. We are sure there are many other good-natured memes out there. Can you point out a few to us? We would surely like to know what our readers find funny.

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