F1 Rumors: Hamilton to Ferrari, Vettel Back to Red Bull

F1 Rumors: Hamilton to Ferrari, Vettel Back to Red Bull

The F1 season officially ends today, with Lewis Hamilton winning his 6th title, and taking the last race of the year. The Brit was confident in Abu Dhabi, not losing the advantage he had after clinching the pole position during Saturday’s qualifiers. But instantly after the race ended and the winner drank his champagne, the speculations about his future emerged.

Hamilton in Ferrari

This rumor was revived just a couple of days ago when several sides confirmed the stories that Hamilton had some contacts with the Italian manufacturer. Even though he is still under contract with the Mercedes, that didn’t prevent the Brit from chatting with the Prancing Horse’s management and discussing possible terms of his deal with them.

It seems that Hamilton is not happy with his treatment in Mercedes, especially because he doesn’t want any issues about his status as the leading driver of the team. Several times this season, he and Valtteri Bottas had disputes, and after recent indications that Max Verstappen might join Silver Arrows anytime soon, Hamilton’s position could be endangered.

The young Dutchman is known for his lack of respect towards other teammates, so it is quite possible that Lewis doesn’t want to have any issues during the competition.

Vettel, Going Back to Red Bull

Charles Leclerc won the sympathies of all Ferrari fans around the world. But not only that. The youngster from Monte Carlo became the favorite of the bosses in the cockpit, which severely hurt Sebastian Vettel’s ego. The four-time champion, whose stint with Ferrari is fairly disappointing, allegedly isn’t willing to put up with that anymore.

The German is ready to leave this summer, and that was something pretty obvious while the season still lasted. He was more than prepared to enter conflicts with Leclerc and the management, openly refusing to obey the orders during the race.

According to many, the most logical solution for him is to go back to Red Bull, who will probably lose Verstapped pretty soon. And if not, Alexander Albon will be removed from his position, which would be given to Vettel.

All in all, a very exciting period for all F1 fans is ahead of them, so stay tuned we will be here to bring you all the latest news.

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