6 Best Memes of the Miami Dolphins Stunning the Philadelphia Eagles

6 Best Memes of the Miami Dolphins Stunning the Philadelphia Eagles

Not every game ends the way one would expect it to end. The recent Miami Dolphins’ win against Philadelphia Eagles stands as testimony to that fact. While some have called it a miracle, others have actually praised Dolphins’ excellent strikes and co-ordinated play against the Eagles.

For the Eagles though, the 37-31 loss against the Dolphins has been hard to digest. Dolphins’ Matt Haack and Daniel Kilgore used fantastic strategies to trick Eagles defenders into defensive spots. In addition, the Eagles losing out to the Dolphins kept the Dallas Cowboys at the top of the NFC East with 6 wins and 6 loses, not impressive at all.

While fans are still in a state of shell-shock, the Eagles players have been remarkably quiet. That doesn’t mean social media has remained quiet. The Internet is abuzz with funny memes that poke fun at the Eagles’ loss at the hands of the Dolphins.

Here are six funniest memes of Philadelphia Eagles losing to the Miami Dolphins.

Not the most elegant of the memes out there, but does communicate how the Eagles must have felt. Tasteless and probably an example of misogynoir, but well? If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan you must have loved watching the game.

Overconfidence can cause even the proudest eagle to break its talon. Probably that’s what happened to the Eagles when they lost to the Dolphins against all odds.

Sometimes, a man’s smile can reveal more than what his actual plans are. Clearly, this Miami star knew what the end results were going to be before sneaking up to winning.

Shooting one’s own feet or punching oneself in the nose had never been funnier or more ironical than in this game. Can say the exact same things about the Dallas Cowboys lately.

If you thought the winners always cozied up to other winners, can losers be left far behind? They’ll find their own kind too.

Certainly, this is how most fans of the Eagles have felt after the Dolphins gave a shock win. Honestly, The entire NFC East teams are trash this season.

Do you have any more memes related to this game that you wish to share? Do leave them in the comments section below.

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