NBA Rumors: Golden State Targeting Giannis for 2021

NBA Rumors: Golden State Targeting Giannis for 2021

Giannis Antetokounmpo is in the middle of trading speculations since the season started. The reigning MVP is on the shortlist of several top clubs, who are preparing unreal offers for the Bucks’ player, and one of the latest according to several sources is Golden State.

Warriors Ready for a Super-Deal

Three-time champs in this decade and one of the most dominant teams in history are currently struggling badly. Several of their top players are injured, and at the moment, the Warriors are at the bottom of the league.

But that is something which could be a good thing for this franchise, although it sounds pretty odd at the moment. Steve Kerr’s team will probably have the biggest chances of reaching the No.1 pick at the draft lottery, or almost certain one of the top three. That would give them a big advantage over other teams for some potential trade.

Along with what they already have, and the players they might develop during this campaign, Golden State may become a team with the biggest trade potential in the next free agency.

Giannis Could Jump to California

Now, the Greek Freek has a deal with the Bucks until the 2021 season. The Bucks have a bit overcrowded salary cap, but when it comes to Giannis’ contract, he will be the highest possible. What could be a problem for this team is the lack of silverware, and if they don’t win the title over the next two years, the MVP should easily decide to move away.

According to some sources, he is already a bit frustrated because of the way Milwaukee lost the Eastern Conference finals last season. If that continues, and he expresses a wish to change the uniform, that is when Golden State jumps in with an offer. That should be the high pick from this draft, D’Angelo Russell and Draymond Green. These are all speculations, but be aware that Warriors had Antetokounmpo on the radar for quite a while. His move to California was already mentioned during the previous free agency before Russell came to San Francisco.

Just imagine Curry, Thompson, and Giannis in the starting lineup, it would probably be one of the best super-teams ever.

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