NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Want Chris Paul

NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Want Chris Paul

According to multiple sources, it seems that Chris Paul might be a potential target of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard could be the missing piece in Bucks’ championship puzzle.

Bucks’ Race With Time

Milwaukee needs to react fast and win the title, or at least reach the NBA Finals to persuade Giannis Antetokounmpo to stay in Wisconsin. The massive amount of money is not enough for the reigning MVP who wants to add title stamp on his legacy. Just to remind you he has a contract until 2021.

That means that Bucks have to build a team capable of beating all the opponents, and at the moment, there are quite a few of them. The latest news is that Chris Paul might be the perfect solution for all this. One of the best point guards in the league is definitely not staying in Oklahoma, and that desire is mutual, as the Thunder shited its focus onto developing young players.

Oklahoma has numerous first draft choices, and they don’t need such a big financial burden when they aren’t chasing the playoffs. Meanwhile, he could be a great addition to the Bucks’ roster, especially during the playoffs, as he has vast experience and the leadership mentality, which might be of use to Mike Budenholzer.

Trade to Include Bledsoe

As the pivotal item in Bucks’ potential trade offer would be Eric Bledsoe. His contract is not so big, $70 million for 4 years, and besides that, he could be used as a nice asset for some other trade deals when the time comes for OKC to make a move on the market. Of course, along with Bledsoe, the Bucks would probably send at least a pick from the upcoming draft, and potentially Dragan Bender and Donte DiVincenzo.

Now, all this is just a rumor, but it could easily become true. The chase for Giannis is just heating up, and the Bucks can’t afford to lose their biggest star since Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. Even though Paul’s contract will break their salary cap way above the predicted, his presence will make everything much easier for Giannis. And would open up a possibility to attack the NBA title, which isn’t the case with Bledsoe as the starter.

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