14 Best Memes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Referees Stunning the New England Patriots

14 Best Memes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Referees Stunning the New England Patriots

While most fans have often assumed referees to side with the New England Patriots, this time, it wasn’t really so. Though Patriots may have banked on the referees’ lenience, things took a strange turn when referees actually made three mistakes that sealed Patriots’ fate. Tom Brady’s bravado and Bill Belichick’s persuasive nature didn’t seem to work this time either. Patriots’ luck changed in the second half when referees gave three bad calls. This led to the team losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 23-16.

Meanwhile, Patriots’ fans have seemed to take over social media and incessantly complained about how the referees have been unfair to the Patriots. If we looked at the referees’ track records, they have often been kinder to the Pats than they are to the other teams. This one loss shouldn’t get anybody complaining about the refs.

With that in mind, here are some hilarious New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs memes.

patriots coach is crying to the refs meme

Just what the Patriots might have said to the referees after the first bad call.

patriots cowboys meme

Patriots and Cowboys can’t really win vs good teams this year.

patriots crying like clowns meme

One must wonder who seemed more clownish: the team of their fans, considering how what they took for granted (the referees’ blessings) worked against them this time.

patriots funny meme

At least, California is far away and sunnier.

refs helped the chiefs meme

It’s all about ’em refs this time, isn’t it?

people hate patriots meme

Seriously? Brady and his team can be as irritating as no network or low battery alerts? If you look at the way the fans are crying over it, you might just think this to be true.

stop whining patriots fans meme

The social media seems to have tired itself reading about Patriots’ fans bawl and cry over their teams’ loss.

tom brady sad meme

We will probably see the Patriots using this occasion to claim everything is up against them in the next matches, although, the NFL refs were always on their side until this match.

bill is crying to the refs meme
patriots lost meme
tom brady baby meme
credit Mannyfresh.

Maybe Patriots and their fans should stop bawling like babies and let it just go?

pats fan crying meme

“Ironic” says it all.

funny pats meme
funnt sponge bob pats meme

Pats’ fans should probably chill and take it as it is. It was just a game, and bad things happen all the time in sports.

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