7 Best memes of the San Francisco 49ers Beating the New Orleans Saints

7 Best memes of the San Francisco 49ers Beating the New Orleans Saints

It was a match unlike any other. In spite of scoring 46 goals, the New Orleans Saints lost out to the San Francisco 49ers, who scored only 2 more. The 48-46 win of San Francisco 49ers lasted an awfully long time and when they finally won, many simply were relieved that the game was over. However, the Saints probably left the field disappointed and grumbling to themselves after all the running around.

To lose a game after scoring 46 is extremely rare, and conferences and debates will continue to discuss this matter. In fact, the game wasn’t all that easy to the 49ers, whose Weston Richburg suffered a bad right leg injury that many insiders have been claiming will be a long-term one. Richard Sherman, Dee Ford, and K’Waun Williams all suffered different kinds of injuries.

While the Saints and their fans still can’t believe their bad luck, the 49ers have quietly resigned to a win and many injured players. Regardless, the internet and social media is abuzz with memes that focus on how the Saints lost even after scoring 46 points. Here are some of the best 49ers vs Saints 2019 memes.

When you can’t believe what your eyes are seeing, and when you don’t want to lose a battle that was fought well.

via black Adam Schefter facebook page.

49ers, though they won, must be wondering how their defense allowed the Saints to score 46. Well, the team did try very hard and had many injuries. So there is that.

When the referees see a chance to screw the Saints…

Saints fans must be wondering how their team lost in spite of winning 46 points. Well, one could earn millions of dollars and still lose out on everything because the stock market crashed. This sort of disappointment isn’t limited to a playing field.

Jimmy Garoppolo quipped “We didn’t hesitate”, and we are sure he didn’t. Must have used laser-sharp vision to scout the entire field before throwing the ball.

NFL fans across the spectrum had just one question to ask when the game ended: just how could anyone lose after scoring 46? The answer is quite simple. By scoring 48, in the case of this particular game.

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