Vela’s Arrival to Barca Forces Griezmann’s departure

Vela’s Arrival to Barca Forces Griezmann’s departure

Carlos Vela, the reigning MVP of the MLS, might come back to Europe, to be more precise, to Barcelona. His teammate from the Mexican national team, Jonathan dos Santos, claims that Vela already has an offer from the Spanish powerhouse.

Barcelona Eager to Land a Goalscorer

The fantastic duo in Barca’s attack, Suarez-Messi craves for another addition, which will help them become even more efficient in the upcoming period. It seems that Antoine Griezmann didn’t fit in as planned. The French international came to Camp Nou as one of the best attackers in the world, and the central piece in the French national team, but failed to meet the expectations.

At the moment, he has 6 goals and 4 assists in 20 matches, which is way below his previous productivity. Also, there are some rumors that other players boycott Griezmann, who signed with Barca even though the locker room didn’t approve that.

So basically, Vela’s arrival might be a clear sign that the French might leave Barcelona already this winter. The only question is where. The list is long, but Griezmann’s salary will be a problem for any potential employer.

Vela’s Magical Year in MLS

The Mexican forward had one of the most impressive years in MLS’s history. In 36 games played, he scored 38 goals and had 12 assists, leading his LAFC to a Supporters Shield Trophy. The team from LA was projected to win the MLS Cup, but surprisingly they’ve suffered elimination in the Western Conference finals against Seattle Sounders.

It is evident that he is in a league of his own compared to all other players in this competition, and that he has no match. But also, many experts are saying that Vela decided to leave Europe too soon, and that he didn’t have the motivation to play there anymore.

After this campaign, his morale is boosted, and confidence regained, meaning that one of the most talented players of his generation might finally show his full potential.

A change of environment affected him well, which can’t be said about Griezmann. So all in all, Barca’s winter transfer window will be very interesting to see.

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