Zlatan to Everton? Quite Possible

Zlatan to Everton? Quite Possible

According to the latest news from European media and their football insiders, Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be heading for England.

Everton Comes Out of Nowhere

The Toffees are in problems at the moment. The older club from Liverpool is near the bottom of the Premiership standings and without a manager. They were supposed to fight for the top 6 places and a spot which leads to the European competitions. Yet, somewhere along the road, it seems that Everton lost its mojo.

Bad decision making of the former manager Marco Silva, and poor morale set the alarm off at Goodison Park, forcing the management to make a move.

Therefore, Ibrahimovic, along with several other targets, is something necessary for this team to save the season.

According to the same sources, the former LA Galaxy striker would have a $5.3 million pay until the rest of the season. And also, an absolute leadership over the team. Ibra, who is 38 years old, showed that even though he is near the fifth decade of his life, is still able to provide excellent figures and play at a high level.

In 56 games for Galaxy, he scored 52 goals, many of them memorable, who will compete for the best score of the decade.

The Call of the Premiership

Even while he played in the USA, Ibrahimovic stated on a few occasions that his mission would be to come back to Europe and play one or two seasons in the top competition. At the moment, he has offers from Serie A, as AC Milan and Bologna want to land the legendary striker.

However, the call of the Premier League is something every player wants. Although Everton might be closer to the bottom of the table, that wouldn’t present any problems for Ibra.

Just to remind you, he spent some time there playing for Manchester United under Jose Mourinho. He guided the young team to a Europa League trophy back then. The Swed would pick up an injury which separated him from the field for a long time. Ibrahimovic probably wants to come back to England and prove that he can dominate EPL as any other competition where he played.

Everton just might be the best place for doing so.

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