Top 5 Favorites for Winning the UEFA Champions League

Top 5 Favorites for Winning the UEFA Champions League

We’ve seen the results of today’s draw for the Round of 16, and at the moment, the debate about the next Champions League winner is hitting the ceiling. Who has the highest chances of taking the trophy this season? is here to present to you five biggest candidates for winning the silverware starting with No.5 five and going towards the biggest favorite.


The Italians have an easy opponent in the first round of the knockout stage. They meet Lyon, and it really shouldn’t be such a big of a deal for Maurizio Sarri’s guys. With Cristiano Ronaldo in the lineup, the Seria A champs are always one of the contenders and having in mind that they aren’t in any of the media talks, this could be the perfect position for them.

Paris Saint Germain

The Saints are looking serious for the first time ever in the Champions League. Why? Well simply, they are not posing or acting like during the previous years, but are focused just on the things connected to football. Neymar realized that he, in fact, is expendable, and the Brazilian superstar accepted the new rules. Without a doubt, the Parisians have the best attack in the competition, with Mbappe experienced enough to step up in the decisive games.


Messi is Messi. Regardless of the fact that all other players underachieve, the Argentinian is there to cover it up. What might disturb Blaugrana is the fact that Ernesto Valverde’s status is not safe yet, and that he feels an enormous amount of pressure. Although not convincing as in the previous few seasons, Barca is maybe saving the best for the last.


The Reds will have a hard time against Atletico Madrid, but if they jump over Simeone’s crew, a second straight title is not far away. They are already safe in the Premiership, but what concerns their fans is that they might reach the form earlier than planned.

Manchester City

Their focus in just on the Champions League and the Premiership story seems over for them. Guardiola is smart enough to preserve the players and keep them away from injuries. The only trophy they miss during the Spaniard’s run is this one, and be sure that they prepared for this for a long time.

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