What is Next for Max Holloway?

What is Next for Max Holloway?

Max “Blessed” Holloway lost his UFC featherweight title to Alexander Volkanovski recently. Arguably one of the best ever in this division suffered a defeat via decision and pretty much shocked the entire world.

Holloway couldn’t adjust to powerful leg kicks the Aussie often used in the fight. Also, the slow start would eventually cost him the title, although he recovered and started pressuring the challenger at the time in the third.

It was his second defeat in the previous three fights, and after losing to Dustin Poirier in the lightweight category, he now experienced a loss in his own backyard. The lack of motivation, overconfidence, or simply fatigue, any of these might be the reason for his failure.

Holloway’s Options

Volkanovski almost immediately confirmed that he wants to grant Blessed the chance to regain his belt. The Australian fighter is more than willing to go once more against Holloway. Whether is that because he feels confident, or is it about the money we don’t quite know. But what is sure is that the two fighters should fight during 2020.

However, there is one problem. Volkanovski injured his hand while defeating Holloway, and he needs time to recover from that. According to some medical experts, that might last for a couple of months, meaning that the rematch could wait.

Korean Zombie as the Logical Solution

Another factor was brought up when Chan Sung Jung demolished Frankie Edgar at this weekend’s UFC Busan. The Korean Zombie wants a shot at the title, and he already called out Volkanovski. As we said, the new champ stated that he wants to fight Holloway first, but with the injury preventing him from doing that the doors are opened for a wild scenario.

What do you say about the bout between Holloway and the Korean Zombie? It would be a perfect title eliminator, which could cause massive attention from all over the world, and generate enormous income for the organization.

With Volkanovski out, this scenario imposes itself as the only logical solution for the current situation. It would no doubt be a spectacle worth watching, and the only question is when Dana White plans to schedule it.

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