Three Potential QBs to Replace Mitch Trubisky in 2020

Three Potential QBs to Replace Mitch Trubisky in 2020

Last night’s game between the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs showed everyone the size of Bears’ mistake once they picked Mitch Trubisky three years ago. The second overall pick from 2017, is one of the biggest disappointments in franchise history.

Instead of at least a solid QB, head coach Matt Nagy has a below-average passer who isn’t good under pressure and doesn’t know how to evaluate the situation. So, pretty much, it is time for a change. We at are presenting you with the three most likely replacements for Trubisky in 2020.

Cam Newton

Once Kyle Allen took over the wheel from Cam Newton it was obvious that the youngster has a huge potential. Although the Panthers fell apart in the second phase of the championship, the rumors about Allen getting a starting position are louder and louder. Now, during the season, there were some stories about Newton’s trade to Chicago, and interestingly they weren’t ruled out. That could be a signal. He is problematic with injuries, but to be honest, his protection in Chicago would be far better than the one in Carolina. All he needs to do is to play at his average level, and the Bears would be contenders that is for sure.

Jameis Winston

He is without a contract. One of the rare No.1 picks who didn’t earn an extension or at least an offer after their rookie contract. Some might ask, why should Chicago take him then? Well, the truth is that Winston has a strong arm that could be useful in Nagy’s gameplan. And also, the environment in Windy City would be much better for him than in Florida. After all, he is the only guy with the Buccaneers’ shirt on the field, who would occasionally show a will to compete and win.

Marcus Mariota

Still young for a QB, and according to many hugely underestimated and badly used. He can scramble, he can pass, but he can turn over the ball often. And that is the catch. Narrowing down his decision-making potential would be something wise, because, in a chaotic Titans’ offense, Mariota would usually be the one who loses all the strings at one moment. In a system like Nagy’s, there wouldn’t be many chances for something like that.

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