Top 3 Candidates for the NBA MVP Award

Top 3 Candidates for the NBA MVP Award


We are almost in the middle of the NBA season, and the race for the next MVP is slowly heating up. There are several candidates for this prestigious award, and has its point of view on this matter. Here are the top three contenders for the Most Valuable Players honors.

Anthony Davis

If Lakers end the regular part of the campaign on top of the League or at least the Western Conference, AD should take the MVP trophy. Why? Because his arrival and his performances have made the LAL the championship contenders. He averages 27.9 points, 9.4 boards and 2.7 blocks per night. Just compare the Lakers now and at the end of the previous season. AD’s coming to town ignited everything. And besides that, the entire game of the purple and gold revolves around him, and don’t think for one second that LeBron’s number would have been like these if it weren’t for the Eyebrow.

Joel Embiid

The Process is reaching its peak. Slowly, after years of waiting, the 76ers are near the Holy Grail. And the key piece in their team is Embiid. With 23 points, 12.6 boards and probably the most versatile game for one big player, the 25-year old is a dominant figure in every of Philly’s contests. The entire team revolves around the 7-foot, 280-pound monster. He can go under the rim, can dribble, shoot from outside, practically anything. And his diversity in offense opens the space for other guys on his team. Apart from that, we need to admit that he improved his defense a lot and that he currently stands among the top 10 players in the league in this category.

Luka Doncic

The 20-year old sensation is our No.1 pick to be the next MVP. He made Dallas, well almost a title contender after one year in Texas. If Mavs make some moves during the trade deadline and bring a couple of experienced players, be sure that Rick Carlisle’s team will announce their attack on Larry O’Brien’s trophy. Luka is near a triple-double average, 29.3 buckets, 9.6 boards, and 8.9 assists all this with 48.1% from the field. We’ve already seen him destroy LeBron, Harden, and other superstars, meaning that his numbers are not a deception.

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