Two Possible Destinations Suitable for Antonio Brown

Two Possible Destinations Suitable for Antonio Brown

Steelers at Ravens 12/27/15

Arguably the best wide receiver in this decade, Antonio Brown is trying to get back on the field. This Friday, he participated in the workout organized by the New Orleans Saints along with five other free agents. After that session, head coach Sean Payton addressed the media, saying that his team is not going to sign AB.

The situation with the Commissioner’s Exempt List was the biggest problem for the Saints, although nobody mentioned that. NO needs a guy who will help them in the playoffs, and if they can’t count on Brown now, what’s the use of having him.

So which teams could be his next destination.

New York Jets

Even before he left the Steelers, Brown was one of the Jets’ top priorities. They have Le’Veon Bell now, and he could be of great help in the process of recruitment, as the two know one another from the time they played in Pittsburgh. Sam Darnold is one of the most talented QBs in the league, and he needs an explosive weapon. The Jets were convinced that along with AB, young Darnold would develop with a speed of light and that the Jets might form a lethal trio in the offense similar to the one Steelers had.

San Francisco 49ers

Brown himself indicated on several occasions that he wants to join San Francisco. Meanwhile, a title contender without a dominant wide receiver is a rarity in the NFL, and at the moment, the 49ers are that team. Rookie Deebo Samuel is the No.1 WR, and the majority of airstrikes depend on George Kittle, which is a bit problematic. No doubt, AB would bring a massive variety of different options in attack for Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan, and with him, Super Bowl would b closer than ever. Of course, that is if he focuses on playing and not on finding ways to ruin everything around himself.

Many are saying that AB might end in the XFL, which starts in 2020. It would be a nuclear bomb for that competition, and it would give a major boost to its popularity.

But we’ll see. One thing is sure, AB 84, is always full of surprises.

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