Top 10 NBA Trades of the Decade – Vol. 2

Top 10 NBA Trades of the Decade – Vol. 2

The second batch of the biggest trades in the 2010s, we are giving you three more blockbusting deals that shook the foundations of the NBA league.

6) Kevin Durant to the Nets

KD was the hottest goods on the free agency past summer. But the deal between the two sides worked out as a sign-and-trade, so we have to put it on our list. In return, the Warriors got D’Angelo Russell one of the most talented guys on his position, who will present a cornerstone of GSW’s future, especially when Curry and Klay hit the retirement. Meanwhile, KD and Kyrie Irving will make the Nets the most serious title contender once they start playing together.

5) Kawhi’s Departure to Toronto

It is not only a big deal because Toronto won the title with him and Danny Green, but because of the fact that the Sun Antonio Spurs’ dynasty has finally come to an end. Without its vital piece, the Spurs were no longer the title contenders, which made a massive impact on the Western Conference, and the NBA in general. Pop decided Kawhi to East and avoid meeting him throughout the playoffs, and in the end, the Raptors won the title.

4) Anthony Davis to the Lakers

LeBron’s last train for the Championshipville is moving to fast, and he needs help for catching it. That would be Anthony Davis, arguably the best center in the last decade. The Eyebrow is a generational talent whose impact was immediately felt in LA. Whether will he and LeBron win some titles, the time will tell, but his arrival to LA brought back the purple and gold on the map and made them a contender again.

3) Harden to Houston

The Beard didn’t want to leave OKC. But nobody asked him when Sam Presti decided to send him to Oklahoma for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, and two first-round picks. Eventually, he became a history-creator in Texas, and one of the guys whose offensive skillset will become legendary, that is for sure. If it weren’t for all those injuries in the 2018 season, the Rockets could have eliminated the Warriors and have a shot at the title.

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