Top 10 Trades of the Decade – No.2 and No.1

Top 10 Trades of the Decade – No.2 and No.1

Here is the finish of our three-part article about the top trades which marked this decade behind us. Today, we are presenting you with the top two places on our list.

2) Paul George goes to LA

This is the trade that made arguably the No.1 contender for dominating the NBA in the next three or four years. The Clippers became a super-team, which no doubt has the potential to be legendary. Two of the most dominant defenders in the league, who are also among top-five two-way players met, and along with a championship coach, Doc Rivers, have a chance to do something remarkable.

George’s transfer from OKC to LA also forced Danilo Gallinari’s move to Oklahoma, as well as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s and four first-round draft picks.

Now, what is important is the fact that not only the Clippers became super-strong, but also that the foundations for OKC’s rise in the 2020s might have been played with this trade. Afterward, Russell Westbrook also left OKC, and the new era started.

1) Trae Young for Luka Doncic

Can you imagine how big of a mistake have the Hawks made once they decided to trade Doncic for Young? It might be one of the biggest ever. We can’t say that Young isn’t a great player, or at least he doesn’t have the potential to be one, but Luka is a generational talent who has the capability to rise to the rank of Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, etc. He is that guy; he is the ONE.

The Mavs evolved into a playoff team in his second season, and not just the playoff team but a dark horse who could make a lot of noise. Already next year, with one or two players, they will be contenders. Be sure about that.

Luka will be the cornerstone of the Mavericks for at least a decade, if not more, so you can guess how big of a deal this trade was. The way this kid plays, it might be the biggest trade ever. The prospects for that are enormous.

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