What is Next for Christian Eriksen?

What is Next for Christian Eriksen?

We’ve heard a lot of speculations about the future of one of the best forwards in the world, Christian Eriksen. Some are suggesting that he might end up in Inter Milan, others are sending him to Atletico Madrid. However, nobody is sure what the future brings for this fantastic player.

Inter Targets Eriksen

The Italians desperately want the Danish superstar. They need a playmaker who is capable of organizing their midfield and supply Lukaku with assists. Inter is very good, but still, they aren’t reaching the true potential of their players because they don’t have the brain of the team.

Now, that is something where Eriksen fits in perfectly. His skillset would be a superb addition for the Italians and not only that, their game would no doubt be much quicker.

Eriksen is also a guy who is perfect for Serie A, due to his fantastic technique and one-on-one game, which often attracts several players, leaving an open space for other teammates.

In combination with Lukaku, the efficiency of Nerrazzuri would skyrocket and be sure that Juventus’ chances of taking another domestic title would be severely lower.

Atletico Madrid

Eriksen is a wish of Diego Simeone for a long time. The Argentinian coach sent a few offers to Tottenham Stadium, but all of them were rejected without even being considered. During the summer transfer window, the Spanish team was very aggressive in recruiting Eriksen, who eventually wanted to land at Wanda Metropolitan, but the Spurs’ management didn’t allow that.

It made the 27-year old even more decisive in his intention to leave England and to hurt Tottenham, whose last chance to earn some money on Eriksen is in this transfer window. He would become a free agent next summer, meaning that the Spurs have to sell him now. Otherwise, he would leave for free.

Atletico wants to pair Eriksen with young Joao Felix, and made one of the best midfielders in the world. However, Tottenham is on the move, and we just can’t wait to see their decision.

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