Top Favorites for Winning the EURO 2020

Top Favorites for Winning the EURO 2020

The EURO 2020 will be the main sports event held in Europe this summer. And unlike previous ones, this Europan championship will take place in 12 countries at 12 different stadiums.

But to set that aside and go for the question which interests the majority of the people who are reading this article – who will win the title?

Here are the top 3 contenders.

1) England

If there is a perfect chance for the Three Lions to win one trophy, then it would be now. Gareth Southgate has a squad filled with quality and experience, and also possesses one other factor which makes them the No.1 favorite. Both the semifinals and the finals will take place in London, and England plays all of its matches also on the island. Knowing the atmosphere at their stadiums, it will be a massive advantage for Southgate’s boys.

2) France

If you are the reigning world champions and haven’t changed anything on your team, then it is no wonder many see you as the favorite no matter the competition. France is the most versatile team in the world, with players who can equally deliver good results in both defense and the offense, and apart from that, the Gauls are complementing one another. It is why they won the WC in the first place. Plus, they have names like Mbappe, Pogba, Griezmann, etc. Every person on this team knows his job, and that might be the biggest strength of this assembly.

3) Portugal

We are stunned by the fact that nobody counts on the still reigning EURO champs and the current winners of the Europa Nation League. Watch this. Portugal won the latter competition, beating almost every top favorite according to the bookmakers’ lists. This team might be old, but they have Cristiano Ronaldo. And that fact pretty much speaks for itself. Also, many forgot the fact that Portugal has Joao Felix, a wunderkind whose explosion is yet to be heard. They are a hard-working slide, that knows how to play on the result, and defend at the highest possible level, which is a rarity these days. So, please, do not underestimate the Portuguese national team.

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