Liverpool FC: Record-Breaking Title Run Continues

Liverpool FC: Record-Breaking Title Run Continues

Following the 1-0 win in London over Tottenham, Liverpool are 16 points clear at the top of the Premier League, marching on their record breaking run towards ending their championship drought.

Roberto Firmino & Sadio Mane
Via Liverpool FC Facebook Page

A clever shimmy by Roberto Firmino made the difference. With Leicester losing at home to Southampton, the lead over the once-chasers is now 16, and Manchester City, level with Liverpool in matches players (Leicester have 22 behind them, Liverpool & Man City 21), are 17 points behind.

But it seems that at this point, the magnitude and history is taking over the narrative, not just the individual victories.

With these 3 points, Liverpool are now at 61 out of a possible 63 this season, something no club has done in Europe’s top 5 (England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany) ever.

And the overall pace – 88 points out of their last 90 (reaching back to last season, which included the equally-historic race to 1st against Manchester City) is also something that has never been seen before in England or any other major league for that matter.

When does it stop? It’s impossible to predict. It has to end at some point, right? For now, Liverpool don’t seem tired of their championship run, which could very well end up being an upgraded version of Arsenal’s ‘invincibles’ from 2003-4, the last team to win the league without losing a single match.

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