17 Best Memes of Derrick Henry & the Tennessee Titans Bulldozing Lamar Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens

17 Best Memes of Derrick Henry & the Tennessee Titans Bulldozing Lamar Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens

Stephen A. Smith Meme

Considering how big of a favorite the Baltimore Ravens were heading into the game, it’s no surprise that meme makers rejoiced in joking about Derrick Henry and Tennessee Titans running all over them.

And they did. A lot. Henry didn’t run for touchdowns, but he finished with 195 rushing yards, his third consecutive game over 180 yards on the ground, the previous one also on the road, in the playoffs, against the New England Patriots. Oh, and he threw a touchdown pass as well.

While Lamar Jackson put up astounding numbers (365 yards in the air, 143 on the ground), he did turn the ball over 3 times and time and time again couldn’t convert first downs when it mattered. Ryan Tannehill on the other hand didn’t dazzle, but didn’t make mistakes. Which is what the Titans need of him.

Lamar Jackson Regular vs Playoffs
The Titans Joker Meme

This is the Titans first AFC championship berth since the 2002 season. It’s been a long time.

Remember the Titans Meme
Earl Thomas Middle Finger Meme
Ravens fans not laughing anymore

Tannehill ran for a touchdown as well, just like Jackson. Miami Dolphins fans are looking in envy as their former first round pick is leading a different team deep in the AFC playoffs.

Titans Meme
Angry Ravens Fans
Living in Baltimore Meme

For the Ravens, this ends a remarkable 14-2 season in disappointment. But with their cap space and contracts for next season looking good, this probably isn’t the end of the road for a super strong and team that’s also exciting to watch.

Derrick Henry Monsters U
Michael Vick Falcons vs Jets
Like Brady
Earl Thomas Derrick Henry

In the head-to-head between two former Alabama star running backs, Henry won by a landslide. Mark Ingram had only 22 yards for the Ravens.

Sorry Ms. Jackson Meme
Tannehill Owns Jackson & Brady
Ravens are the Browns
Derrick Henry Superhero

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