Comcast Announces SportsTech Accelerator for Startups

Comcast Announces SportsTech Accelerator for Startups

SportsTech Accelerator

Start-ups in the field of sports and related technology can rejoice. Comcast NBCUniversal just announced its new SportsTech accelerator program for startups. The accelerator brings together the expertise and investment of Golf Channel, Sky Sports, and NBC Sports. Sports technology start-ups that are innovative can apply for the 10 company cohort.

What does the SportsTech accelerator program consist of?

This 12-week program will help sports start-ups to hone their skills, learn how to do business and gain insight. They may also receive funding, and kickstart their businesses in a way they could never have imagined.  The program will help startups to learn how to bring their unique sports products and technology to the market. 

  • It will also help them to brand themselves in an international manner. 
  • Brand building will be an important component of this accelerator program. 
  • Start-ups that are selected will gain $50,000 in equity-based funding. 
  • They will also be allowed to do a three month accelerated boot camp that will include mentorship and industry support.
  • Finally, the focus will be to bring innovation and technology that will help US teams and players to be competitive when they play abroad. 

The right target audience for the SportsTech accelerator program

The accelerator program is actively seeking companies that have been researching or developing products that will help US athletes to win medals at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. The brains behind the accelerator program or not just looking at helping US athletes. Some of the partners include NBC Sports, NASCAR, USA Swimming, Ski & Snowboard, among others. With such big names, it is truly impressive.

SportsTech Partners

The announcement certainly has a profit motive and the executives confirmed this fact. The companies that participate in the accelerator program stand a chance towards licensing and even acquisition. 

Why sports start-up should apply for the accelerator program

Accelerator programs such as these help innovators and start-up owners to network with potential investors. It may also provide them a platform to develop and integrate technologies that weren’t initially part of the plan. To participate in the accelerator program, check if you meet the criteria. If you do, apply for the program quickly. You will not only gain $50,000 in equity-based funding but will also gain valuable industry insight that will propel you to success. 

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