Inter Milan Coming to London for Olivier Giroud and Christian Eriksen

Inter Milan Coming to London for Olivier Giroud and Christian Eriksen

Inter Milan

Inter Milan’s representatives have arrived in London, and they have two targets – Christian Eriksen and Olivier Giroud. According to various sources from England, the Italian club is keen on getting both players in this transfer window. While the news for Eriksen isn’t that surprising, Giroud’s name brought up a lot of attention.

Giroud as Lukaku’s Replacement

Antonio Conte wants to have a powerful striker, the one who can physically smash the rivals’ defenses. Besides Romelu Lukaku, at the moment, there isn’t such type of a player in Inter. And as the season goes by, the Belgian international is going to be more and more tired.

Having in mind that Inter has challenges on several fronts, he will need a replacement sooner or later, and that is where the French international pops in.

Giroud’s position in Chelsea is not good at all, and it appears that Frank Lampard isn’t counting on the 33-year old anymore. Since the start of the season, he played just seven matches and scored a goal in the UEFA Super Cup against Liverpool in Istanbul. Young Tammy Abraham completely pushed out Giroud from the starting lineup, and other youngsters are also in a better position than he is.

Inter’s manager believes that he might be useful in his rotation, while on the other hand, the board is willing to buy him, due to low prices.

Eriksen’s Saga

The Danish superstar, allegedly notified Tottenham’s management that he wants to go to Milan and that he already agreed to terms with Inter. Right now, it is up to the Spurs’ to find a mutual solution with the Italians and strike a deal before they lose everything.

Eriksen’s contract expires at the end of the season, and the English side could end up having nothing.

The forward wants a way out from Tottenham for quite some time, and the tensions between him and the club dramatically increased over the summer, when he wasn’t permitted to move to Atletico Madrid.

In the meantime, Diego Simeone moved away from him, but Nerazzurri immediately reacted and gave Eriksen an offer that pleased him.

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