11 Best Memes of the Houston Astros’ Sign-Stealing Scandal

11 Best Memes of the Houston Astros’ Sign-Stealing Scandal

The Astros Stole My Sign

It’s been a while since Baseball dominated the headlines during the offseason. Memes, jokes, news, reports. Who knew a cheating scandal led by the sign-stealing Houston Astros would be so great for being noticed among everything else? And who knew Jose Altuve could go from being such a hero to a villain so quickly?

Obviously, this isn’t good PR. The aftermath is incredible, and isn’t just taining the Astros. A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow were suspended and fired. Carlos Beltran, an Astros player in that 2017 season, was fired by the New York Mets before he managed a single game.

And Alex Cora. Who won’t manage the Boston Red Sox anymore. Considered as the mastermind of the sign-stealing affair. A World Series winner with the Red Sox. But now the league is also looking into sign-stealing during the Red Sox’s 2018 championship run. His suspension, eventually, might be everlasting.

Altuve Buzzer Meme
Altuve Undershirt Buzzer

Was this part of the Astros’ scheme? A buzzer under Jose Altuve’s shirt (among other players), letting them know when it’s a fastball and when it’s an offspeed pitch, based on footage and signs the camera picked up on? Is this why he didn’t want to take off his shirt during the celebrations two years ago, instead running off the field and doing it privately?

Alex Cora Probably Stole It Meme
Carlos Beltran This is Fine Meme

It ended up not being very fine. Beltran was fired without managing a single game for the Mets.

Houston Asterisks
Worse Than Pete Rose Meme
Spot the Difference
Pete Rose Face

Pete Rose is used a lot in memes reacting to this scandal, but it doesn’t make what he did any better. Just perhaps sets an example of how soft the league’s punishment was.

MLB Dropping the Hammer
Erase the Stats
The guy who brought down the Astros
The new home for the Astros

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