Salah and Van Dijk Lead Livepool to a Win Over Man Utd, 2-0

Salah and Van Dijk Lead Livepool to a Win Over Man Utd, 2-0

Liverpool routinely defeated Manchester United in the derby of the English Premier League’s round. The Reds have trashed the guests from the Old Trafford with 2-0, proving that they are the most dominant team in the competition this season.

Liverpool Much Better Than United

The home team imposed its own tempo at the start of the game and pretty much controlled what happened on the field during the entire match.

They were much better in restraining the opponent than attacking, but truth to be told, it seemed that the Reds played this one with 50% of their capabilities.

Virgil Van Dijk scored with a header in the 14th minute, following a corner. Many at Anfield believed in those moments that the home team might inflict a serious loss to the guests.

However, it didn’t happen, but we can’t say that there weren’t any chances for that. Klopp’s side scored two goals, which were eventually disallowed, by the end of the first 45 minutes. One was by Firminho, who was in a slight offside, and the second by Wijnaldum. Yet, the Dutch centre-back made a foul on De Gea in the goalkeeper area before that.

Apart from this one, Liverpool had a few more opportunities. Meanwhile, after one cross from the right side, United’s Pereira was short for just a couple of centimeters, and instead of ending behind Alisson’s back, the ball went near the left post of Liverpool’s goal.

L’Pool opened the second sequence strong, with Henderson hitting the post, and with a massive pressure but without scoring.

After United’s initiative in the final moments of the game, Mo Salah received a pass from Alisson and rushed towards De Gea, beating the Spaniard for madness on the standings.

The Reds are Almost Champions

With 16 points of advantage over Man City and a game in hand, Liverpool is near the long-awaited trophy. After yesterday’s slip, City had against Crystal Palace, 2-2, and Leicester’s today’s loss against Burnley, 2-1. It is almost impossible for them not to end the championship race at the top of the league.

The only thing which now presents a challenge for them is to end it without a defeat, and become one of the best teams in the history of the league.

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