20 Best Memes of Raheem Mostert & the San Francisco 49ers Running Over the Green Bay Packers

20 Best Memes of Raheem Mostert & the San Francisco 49ers Running Over the Green Bay Packers

Raheem Mostert rose to fame almost immediately after winning 37-20 over the Green Bay Packers. With 4 touchdowns on 29 carries and 220 years, Raheem broke many records on this particular night. Naturally, the internet is abuzz with memes ridiculing the losing team, especially when it was a spectacular loss. The two teams had met just a few weeks ago, and the outcome was pretty much the same.

Cheeseheads, as the fans of Green Bay Packers are known, have been subdued, and are nowhere to be seen on social media. These memes clearly depict the predicament the losing team is into.

Here are 20 funny memes of the Niners destroying the packers and qualifying for the Super Bowl LIV.

SF 49ers destroying the Green Bay Packers meme

Here is what Raheem would say to a bunch of Packers: when the grating gets tough, even the toughest get grated. And today, all the cheeseheads have been finished right on the field!

Raheem owned the packers last night, even Wikipedia says it.

Raheem Mostert Wikipedia Page meme
Funny Aaron Rodgers Meme

Sadly for the cheeseheads some fans came prepared with a 49erns jersey.

Packers fans came prepared meme
Aaron Rodgers Meme

Not a good look for Aaron, after having lost the game.

Raheem Mostert funny meme

After being punched into oblivion, this is all that a Packers’ player could probably say today.

Aaron Rodgers GOAT MEME
Jimmy P didn't do much meme

If there is something might actually annoy cheeseheads with some self-esteem, it might be Aaron’s grin in the face of loss and defeat.

Allstate packers meme
Cheeshead meme
Jimmy G funny meme
Packers are losers Meme

When the losing team is forced to take up more than they can handle. Also, celebrations can seem cruel when you are broken and wounded, like the cheeseheads are probably now.

Packers aren't active on social media now meme

As one might imagine, Packers fans have all but disappeared. Twitter is strangely quiet, for one doesn’t want to reveal face after losing quite badly.

Funny Aaron Rodgers meme

Packers probably had this to say to Aaron, when Raheem simply rode them all to the ground, quite unceremoniously.

SF 49ers winning big time against the packers meme

Aaron Rodgers, who is often credited for having an almost unfair influence over referees, did not have much chance to stand this time.

Packers refs meme

Let’s face it, Jimmy Garoppolo 49niner’s QB didn’t do anything all game – he just handed the ball off to the running back.

Jimmy Garoppolo funny meme
Aaron Rodgers funny referee meme

Aaron’s famed luck (or the suspicious charm) he has over referees certainly didn’t work today. He surely must be having his head in his palm!

Crying Jordan Aaron Rodgers  Meme

Packers should have given up during the first half already, there is no shame in throwing in the towel.

Funny packers cheese meme

The cheeseheads simply can’t take the shame anymore, as is evident in this meme.

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