10 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes & the Kansas City Chiefs Scorching the Tennessee Titans

10 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes & the Kansas City Chiefs Scorching the Tennessee Titans

What many had predicted has finally come true. The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely going to the Superbowl LIV, to be held in Miami. The midwestern state’s favorite team smothered the Tennessee Titans 35-24. This marks coach Andy Reid’s second sojourn to the Superbowl as a drill instructor.

The Titans did start out quite well, with a 10-0 lead but soon enough the Chiefs scored twice and gained a lead into the game. The credit surely goes to Mahomes who quickly led the Chiefs to victory in a short period of time. This was the Titans’ last chance to be in Miami, and their dreams came crashing down, all due to Patrick Mahomes.

Consequently, there are a number of memes online that pokes fun at the condition of the Titans and their unique predicament. Here are 10 funny memes of the Chiefs winning against the Titans.

patrick mahomes funny meme

The Titans weren’t that good against the Chiefs. The Chiefs were beatin’ them so easily… Remind me how exactly this team beat the Patriots and the Ravens?

titans sucks funny meme

The Titans’ performance was so subpar that many started to wonder what had befallen this once great team. While they didn’t make any grave errors, the performance was so ordinary that they eventually lost.

Chiefs won the AFC championship meme
mahomes funny meme

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs are one victory away from paying a visit to Donald Trump in the White house. Meanwhile, Mahomes surely packs in the punch that is required to lead the Chiefs to Washington DC next.

Andy reid coach meme

This is how the Titans face looks like when they try to defend Patrick Mahomes. Meanwhile, if the Chiefs continue their winning streak, they will be presented with a sumptuous feast in good ol’ DC.

titans are scared meme

The Titans couldn’t have been more transparent than this. Quite pitiful, in retrospect. That look on his face should be enough to tell everyone what the horror of not getting to go to Miami must have been like.

derrick henry vs mahomes meme

Patrick Mahomes is the GOAT?

Derrick Henry did a wonderful job carrying the Titans on his back to the AFC finals with 3 straight games of over 180 rushing yards. That’s insane. However, it wasn’t enough versus the Chiefs, he just got tired. Enjoy this funny Green Mile reference meme:

Derrick Henry funny meme

‘Why wouldn’t one be tired, when all the effort and hard work won’t win a trip to Miami.

The Titans should change their logo to this:

Titans new logo funny meme

Mahomes delivered an exceptional performance, with carefully measured touch passes and calculated bullets. The Titans didn’t make grave errors but probably didn’t take too many risks. Not taking risks can have disastrous effects when the other team is on a winning streak. This is exactly what happened at this match. It’s no wonder then, that most of the memes are in good humor and not half as scathing as other football memes.

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