Super Bowl LIV: Who, Where, When

Super Bowl LIV: Who, Where, When

The Super Bowl LIV brings us a clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. It will be one of the biggest spectacles over the past two decades, as we have two highly offensive teams going against one another. But to cut to the chase, and move to introduction.

Who is Playing at the Super Bowl LIV?

San Francisco 49ers are arguably the most diversified team in the NFL this season, and it is no wonder why many believe that Kyle Shanahan made a team that will last for several years.

Fantastic and smart Jimmy Garoppolo leads the perfectly balanced offense with George Kittle and wild Raheem Mostert, who had 220 rushing yards against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.

On the other side, the defensive team of the 49ers is harassing the rival’s offenses, and by that, we mean Nick Bossa and Richard Sherman, who each did they part of the job against the Packers perfectly.

As for the Chiefs, we are witnessing possibly the best-attacking team since the St. Louis Rams and their Greatest Show on Turf. The MVP Patrick Mahomes is unreal in the decisive moments, and we can say without any hesitation that Mahomes is the best QB in the league, no matter what others believe.

He and the fastest guy in the NFL Tyreek Hill, along with Travis Kelce, pretty much left the strongest impression of all the offenses since the season started, although being behind the Ravens and Lamar Jackson in one moment.


Miami, Hard Rock Stadium.

This venue already hosted five Super Bowl games, and interestingly in two of them, 49ers appeared. On both occasions, the team from San Francisco won. The first match was in 1989 when they beat Cincinnati Bengals. The opponents in the second one were the San Diego Chargers. So it’s pretty safe to say that this is San Francisco’s other home.


Super Bowl 2020 starts at 6:30 pm ET on Sunday, February 2, 2020. Demi Lovato will sing the national anthem.

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