Super Bowl 2020 Commercials: Watch Top Ads Previews

Super Bowl 2020 Commercials: Watch Top Ads Previews

Super Bowl Commercials 2020

Many people keep their eyes glued to their screens during Super Bowl events but not only for watching NFL football, but actually for watching The Super Bowl commercials. Consequently, super Bowl 2020 commercials are likely to hog all the limelight, probably even from the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

In addition, these Super Bowl commercials are almost like mini-movies, and they attract audiences from far and wide. Of course, there have already been leaks and previews with respect to Super Bowl LIV commercials. Below you can find 13 Super Bowl LIV commercial previews.

Mr. Peanut dies during Super Bowl Commercials 2020

It is expected that Mr. Peanut tries to save Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh in a car accident and dies. Yes, Mr. Peanut dies in a car accident. To make matters more morbid, this commercial will be played just before the Super Bowl event.

Rick and Morty stack differently flavored Pringles

Rick and Morty Super Bowl LIV Commercials will be slightly less morbid. A six-second teaser was unveiled on the 21st of January. It looks like this Pringles ad featuring the duo will show them stacking differently flavored Pringles to get a combination of flavor sensations in their mouths.

Olay makes feminism visible during Super Bowl Commercials 2020

Olay has sought inspiration from women who spacewalked in October 2019. Olay’s Super Bowl ad brings an array of celebrities such as Nicole Stott, Lilly Singh, and Busy Philipps.

In fact, the female-centric brand has decided to donate $1 for every tweet that mentions the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen, to the Girls Who Code organization. It has set a limit of $500,000 to donate.

Doritos and Lil Nas X explore the Old Town Road with Sam Elliot

Old Town Road is one of the most famous numbers of 2019, and was rapped by Lil Nas X. Now, Doritos is going to make the connection of Cool Ranch with Oldtown Road, and will bring both Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X in the Super Bowl Commercials 2020.

The video will feature these stars rapping or singing in a location that looks just quite Wild West.

Here are a few other commercials that are expected at the Super Bowl XIV

With Doritos having such huge plans, can Cheetos be far behind? Here is the company with MC Hammer.

All those fries make one thirsty. This is why New Mountain Dew Zero Sugar has some very interesting Super Bowl Commercials 2020 plans

Queer Eye grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness will have some pretzels to offer during the Pop-Tarts ad.

Bud Light Seltzer is set in a town called Seltzer in Pennsylvania. This ad will be mighty interesting to watch.

Why people won’t do their own taxes?

TurboTax has not just leaked its commercial, but has in fact released its entire Super Bowl ad. Watch it.

Hyundai knows how to tickle people’s funny bones. In this ad, Rachel Dratch and big Papi speak in the Boston accent.

Verizon is going to make the case that 5G will help during medical emergencies, and is titled “Vital Signs“.

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