16 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes & the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV

16 Best Memes of Patrick Mahomes & the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV

It’s finally happened. The Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV has ended a 50-year wait to win the Super Bowl Championship for the second time in the franchise history. Led by their superb quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs pulled off an impressive comeback against the San Francisco 49ners. From being down 10-20 to entering the fourth quarter to win Super Bowl LIV 30-21, the team came a long way.

Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was fantastic the entire NFL season. He was also named the MVP of Super Bowl LIV, after leading Chiefs’ comeback to win the title against San Francisco 49ners. Super Bowl LIV was great for two reasons. First, the game between the Chiefs and 49ers was good. Second, the audience got to watch an amazing Super Bowl 2020 halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

There is a lot of noise and funny memes on social media regarding the Super Bowl 2020 game. Here are the 16 Best memes of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV.

Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV changed all power dynamics.

Let’s face it. Patrick Mahomes owned Jimmy Garoppolo in the finals. He was the better QB by a mile.

Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy G meme
KC winning against the 49ers meme
49ers crying Jordan meme

After being a backup to Tom Brady in 2 super bowls, Jimmy G had a shot to lead the 49ners to victory. It didn’t work this time.

Tom Brady happy after Jimmy G lost Super Bowl LIV

It’s unclear what happened to the 49ers at the end of the game. The Chiefs destroyed them in the fourth quarter to rightfully win the game.

49ERS losing the lead against KC in Superbowl 2020 meme

Believe it or not, Mahomes was the 37th-round pick of the Detroit Tigers in the 2014 MLB draft. The Detriot Lions need to learn a thing or two from the Tigers.

Detroit Lions passing on Patrick mahomes meme

Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LIV means, a big feast at the White House

Andy Reid, the head coach of Kansas City Chiefs, is already ordering some food to the Whitehouse.

Andy Reid ordering food to the whitehouse meme

For 49ers fans, Damien Williams’s late rushing touchdown was very painful to watch.

Damien Williams Dagger

Super Bowl LIV is painful to watch for Chicago Bears fans. How on earth could Ryan Pace and the Bears decided to pass on Patrick Mahomes?

Bears fans patrick Mahomes meme
Jimmy G lost without Tom brady meme

It happened again. Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the 49ers, blew up a 20-10 lead in the Super Bowl LIV. The last time Shanahan had a big lead and lost was in Super Bowl LI, where he was the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons. They had a massive lead during half time 28-3, and somehow managed to lose the game in overtime to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Ouch.

Kyle Shanahan blew up a lead again funny meme

Andy Reid is already fantasizing about the food in Whitehouse.

Andy read Whitehouse meme

Lately, the Bay Area teams can’t hold leads in championship games. At least, the golden state warriors had a nice run.

SF teams losing badly this year meme

A mystery Indeed. The San Francisco 49ers were in great shape after the first 3 quarters.

49ers blowing up lead meme
Patrick Mahomes beaten Madden Curse meme

Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes was unreal in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Patrick Mahomes MVP meme

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