13 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Patrick Mahomes

13 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl LIV, defeating the San Francisco 49ers last night. This was the first SB for the franchise from Missouri, and we can say that it was all because of Mahomes, who has been instrumental.

Last year’s league MVP won the Super Bowl MVP award becoming the youngest ever guy to win the regular-season MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and the Super Bowl. But this is just one of many interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Mahomes.

  • He is the youngest player ever to record six touchdown passes in one game. That happened against the Pittsburgh Steelers on 16th September 2018, one day before his 23rd birthday.
  • Mahomes is the first Texas Tech alumni who started the Super Bowl.
  • His nickname is “Showtime” given to him by his father.
  • By the way, his father Pat Mahomes was the pitcher playing for several MLB clubs. That is why younger Mahomes loved playing baseball. In fact, he was so good, that the Detroit Tigers drafted him right out from high school in the 37th round of the 2014 draft.
  • During the NFL Combine Mahomes’ passes were heading 60 mph, the fastest ever.
  • He is the only player who won the Super Bowl after being on the cover of the NFL Madden video game. Neither of the previous 21 players managed to get their hands on the Vince Lombardy trophy.
  • Mahomes is one of the few quarterbacks who led his team to three straight double-digit comebacks during one playoff campaign. His Chiefs were down in all three matches, vs. Texans, Titans and in the Super Bowl.
  • Chiefs’ superstar is the only quarterback to throw over 5,000 yards dring one season in both the NFL and college, something which will be hard to reach anytime soon.
  • Along Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Mahomes, nobody reached the limit of 50 TDs during one campaign.

He has numerous NFL records in his possession. Let’s just mention few of them:

  • Most consecutive road games with 3+ TDs – 7
  • The first player to reach 3,000 yards in 10 games
  • Fastest to eclipse 7,500 yards
  • Fastest to reach 40 TD passes and 4,000 yards

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